Facilities Usage Requests

Requests for district facilities can be made at one of the two links below.Usage of facilities is based on availability of both the space and employee support. 

  • Internal Requests. 
    • Staff may request usage of facilities for student events with the link below. 
    • Once they are approved you will get a email back and the event will be placed on the district calendar. 
    • Internal Facility Request Form
  • Community Requests
    • Community members and organizations may request usage of NTLS facilities with the link below.
    • Availability is based on space and staff available to support the event.
    • Costs are based on the event in question, you will be emailed the cost along with the availability.
    • The online form below is used to start the process. 
    • The space is not reserved until the signed form is submitted along with the deposit and proof of insurance.
    • Form to be completed and submitted with proof of insurance.
    • Online Community Facility Request Form
Last modified: Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 6:33 AM