National Trail Transportation August 8, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome back to school -- I hope that you had a pleasant and rewarding summer vacation. Now that we are beginning a new school year, and in an effort to help make sure that we enjoy a safe transportation year, I would like to remind you of some important points regarding student transportation.

First, I would ask that you please reacquaint yourself with the student handbook. The transportation section sets forth rules for students riding school transportation both to and from school, as well as extracurricular events and field trips. The bus rules are statewide and are intended to assure safe transportation for our students. As always, the standard of behavior on the bus is expected to be maintained, just as in the classroom. The bus driver’s full attention is required to safely operate the school bus. Behavior problems will lead to discipline up to and including loss of transportation privileges.

Second, please remember the new school year brings with it transportation staff changes and student/route adjustments. Some of these changes will require a couple of days’ adjustment. Please be patient – with a few exceptions, the routes will be consistent after the first couple of school days. After this, buses likely will be within a minute or two of the scheduled time each day. Also, keep in mind we do make mistakes. If we should miss your child’s pick up location during those first couple of days, please bring them to school and let the staff know the student’s name, grade, and address. We will make the necessary route correction and make every effort to avoid repeated mistakes.

Third, if you have a varied pick-up/drop-off schedule for your child, it is necessary to put that specific information in writing. The instructions must include: the address where the child is to be picked up or dropped off; the exact dates this is to take place; and the duration of the change of location. Always include a contact number for the person who will receive the child so that we may contact them, if necessary, for any reason. Do not instruct the child to tell us they are to get off the bus at a different location. Without written authorization, children will be taken to their regular drop-off locations. If your child normally rides home on the bus and you pick them up at the end of the day, please sign them out in the office so we do not hold up the buses searching for a child who has ridden home with parents.

Fourth, school policy states junior high and high school students are not permitted to ride an elementary bus. Transportation is provided for every student. Missing the bus does not mean a student may “catch the second bus”. Students are to ride their scheduled bus from their scheduled stop location. Each bus has seat and route assignments prepared for their scheduled roster. Participation in after school events requires making your own arrangements for transportation. Also, any student staying after school for detention will need to make arrangements with their parents for rides home.

If you should have any questions or problems, now or as the school year progresses, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I appreciate your cooperation as we work together to transport your children in the safest and best manner possible.

John Toschlog,

Transportation Supervisor

Last modified: Monday, August 8, 2022, 10:08 AM