Transportation is provided by the National Trail Local School Board of Education to deliver students to and from school and extra-curricular events as safely, efficiently, and effectively as possible. Transportation should be regarded as a privilege by students and parents. All school rules apply when students are being transported by a National Trail bus. It is expected that those who ride the school buses will observe classroom conduct at all times. All passengers must exercise these responsibilities. Any misbehavior which distracts the driver is a very serious hazard to the safe operation of the vehicle, and, jeopardizes the safety of all passengers.

Students are expected to comply with the following:

1. Students are to load and unload only at their assigned bus stop.

2. Arrive at the scheduled bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

3. Wait in the assigned, designated place of safety, clear of traffic and away from the bus stop.

4. Not engage in any activity at school bus stops that threaten life, limb, or property of any individual. School rules apply at all bus stops.

5. Follow directions of the bus driver.

6. Stay in your seat AT ALL TIMES.

7. No profanity or loud talking.

8. No tobacco/alcohol products.

9. No eating or drinking on the bus except as required for medical reasons.

10. All objects carried on the bus must remain on your lap, keeping the aisles and exits clear at all times.

11. No damage to the bus in any way.

12. No fighting, pushing, tripping or horseplay.


Consequences can include but not be limited to the following:

1 Student warning issued by driver.

2 Parent notification by driver and/or school staff.

3 Re-Assigned or designated seating.

4 Discipline report to principal which may result in bus and/or school suspension.

Students will be assigned seats at the driver’s or administration’s discretion. Students are only permitted to ride their assigned bus to and from school. Exceptions to this rule will only be made by the building administrator and/or director of transportation. Students who stay after school for academic reasons may be provided with a bus pass from that specific teacher.

Students staying after school for detention must provide their own transportation.

Last modified: Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 9:01 PM