Guest Wifi Access

NTLS Guest Wifi

Guest wifi access is provided for non-student and non-staff internet usage.  It does not allow access to local services (like printers or Moodle.)  It is intended for guest internet access only.  Connection speeds for guests are limited to 768K during the school day.  Access is unlimited after 3:30 and on weekends.  

NTLS prohibits users from using the public WiFi to spam, distribute malware, and any distribution of unsolicited advertising. Users will be banned from use for attempting unauthorized entry into private systems (“hacking”), both within and outside NTLS.  AUP prohibits the use of software or applications that actively assist in circumventing policy guidelines. Filters are in place to protect the students at NTLS, no attempt should be made to circumvent these systems.

If you are connecting to this network on an NTLS device, please disconnect and "forget this network" on the device.  Please see Mr. Pool  to connect to approved BYOD devices.

All guests are still filtered for CIPA requirement and are expected to adhere to NTLS Acceptable Use policies.

Last modified: Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 12:21 PM